How to listen to your favorite songs online without breaking the bank

The first digital music service to launch in India, Indian-based app platform iMusic aims to help users stream their music from home and keep it locked to their smart phone.

iMusic will soon launch in more than 1,500 cities across India, including Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Pune.

iStream lets users stream music from music apps like Spotify, Rdio and Pandora.

Users will have access to a collection of music tracks that can be downloaded for offline listening.

The app will also allow users to create playlists and share music from other devices with one click.

iMix is also the first app to support streaming on smart phones with its own music service.

iMusicians will be able to create custom playlists with music from a selection of music apps, and they will be free to share music tracks with their friends.

A selection of free tracks, along with a playlist of music that iMusists will be allowed to play for free on their phones, will be available from the app.

iLive will be one of the first music services in India to offer iMusic support, with iLive Music service launching in Hyderabad on January 10.

The service will let users stream unlimited music from their smart phones, as well as playlists, as they are available on their own devices.

iListen, which is based in New Delhi, is the country’s first music service that lets users play music offline from their mobile devices.

It will allow users download music directly from artists’ websites, as opposed to from Spotify.

Music streaming is a booming sector in India as the country is the fourth largest in the world behind the United States, China and India.

A report by ICLR Research found that Indian music industry is worth Rs.1,100 crore per year and is expected to grow to Rs.3,100 billion by 2021.

The country is also expected to be the top destination for international music, which accounts for roughly 50% of the music market in the country.

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