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Apple has been granted a patent for the ability to play music using Wi-Fi.

The patent was first reported by TechCrunch.

The patent, which Apple has filed for, was granted on October 30th and granted to a group of five firms.

The patents were filed in the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Apple’s patent describes a wireless method of “playing music with the use of a wireless transmission of sound energy.”

The patent describes three possible applications for the patent.

The first application describes an example “audio playback device.”

The second application describes a method for “playing” an audio track by “focusing the sound energy on the left channel of the receiver and on the right channel of that track,” while a third application describes “playing a single sound on the stereo or subwoofer.”

Apple’s patent also describes an “audio compression device” that could “enables a user to play audio using only a low-frequency signal, such as a radio frequency signal.”

Apple is seeking patent applications for its “Audio Encoder,” which “encodes audio information using the sound waves emitted by the receiver,” and “audio decoding device,” which is “designed to decode audio information with high fidelity.”

Apple has been seeking patents on its “AirPlay” feature since at least 2016, when it first filed a patent application.

Apple is currently seeking to acquire two other wireless patents from the USPTO.

In 2018, the US patent office granted Apple a patent covering “remote audio and video recording,” and in 2019, it granted Apple the “Audio Codec for Remote Recording.”

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