How to set up the F1 radio software

If you have installed the F2 player on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll find a “F2” icon next to the “Play” button.

You can configure the radio to listen to your current music.

The radio will then display songs you have previously listened to on your device.

You’ll need to select the song you want to listen, as well as the radio station you want it to play on.

There’s a lot to configure here, and you can get to the bottom of it on the next page.

Here are the steps to take.


Turn off your iPhone’s music player.

To do this, tap the “Settings” menu, and then tap “General.”

In the General tab, tap “Settings,” and then “Music.”

There, you can choose to turn off the iPhone’s radio.

You may need to do this before the app becomes active again.

The following is an example of the radio menu that appears in Settings.

To turn off a radio, tap it and hold down the “Home” or “End” buttons.

If you’re in the U.S., the “Music” tab should be displayed.

To remove a radio icon, tap and hold the “Power” button on the home screen.


Enable the music center.

In Settings, tap Music, and select “Music Center.”

In this menu, you will see options for selecting which music apps to listen in.

To enable the music app, tap or hold the option labeled “Enable the music” in the menu.

The music app will now appear in the Music tab of the menu, with options for the following: “Listen on the iPhone” or toggle between “iPhone” and “Playback.”

“Allow songs to be played on your iPod” or disable the music.

“Allow users to listen on their mobile devices.”

“Control the amount of data used for music streaming.”

“Choose whether users can view music streamed from their mobile device, or if they can only view the content from the device.”


Enable auto-play.

To use the music player, you must tap “Play Music” from the top of the Music app.

You will then be presented with a music player menu, which you can tap to open.

You have three choices: “Auto-play” will play the current song automatically, “Auto” will use the current volume and song information, and “Auto+Play” will automatically play the next song to your device at the same volume and volume information.

The option “AutoPlay” has three different settings: “Always auto” will only play the song if the current playback volume is greater than the song’s volume.

“Automatically auto” plays the song regardless of the volume or song information.

You also have two different options for playing the song in the background: “Play on background” will display the song as you play it, and will continue playing even when the app is closed.

“No music will play when the screen is off.”

This option will only display the music, and if the screen has been turned off or you’ve closed the app, the song will not play.

You must have both “Always” and the “Auto Auto” options selected to use this option.

If both options are selected, the next time the app opens, it will display a warning message that will prompt you to enable them.

You are not required to enable the auto-auto option in the first place.

“Always use volume and play the music when you have access to the volume and playback information.”

If you’ve set the volume of your iPod or iPhone to maximum, the auto auto-automatically selected music will be played at the highest volume.

To control the volume for your iPod, select the iPod icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

To change the volume, you have two options: “Adjust volume” will adjust the volume in real-time, while “Adjust playback” will set the playback volume to the maximum you want.

“Auto adjust” sets the playback level to the lowest volume the app would normally set for your current listening level.

The “Auto auto” setting has two different settings for adjusting the volume: “Set to maximum” will limit the playback to the highest playback volume.

The next time you open the app or select it in the music menu, it’ll be at the maximum volume that you want; however, it may not be exactly the same as the “max” setting that you set.

The other two settings allow you to control the amount and/or the time that the music will automatically be played, when the music starts, and when it ends.

You don’t have to use the two “Auto settings” for this to work.

You should disable the “Automatic auto” option in this menu.

“Set maximum volume” controls the maximum playback volume the music can have.

This is the setting you want when you’re using

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