How to download an iPhone and use Spotify for your favorite songs

ios software, the Apple app store, and other online music services are getting updated for iOS 9.

This week, Apple added the ability to add songs to your playlist from the music app.

Apple Music, Spotify, and Beats Music will all have a new option to download music to the ios iPhone.

The music app, which debuted earlier this year, was the first to offer this functionality.

Apple also released a new version of the Music app for iOS, which can be downloaded via the App Store.

Spotify and Beats music have been updated to support the iOS 9 upgrade.

If you want to download new music, you’ll need to sign in to Spotify and follow the steps outlined in this guide to set up an Apple Music account.


Sign in to your Apple Music Music account and click on the “sign in” button on the top left of the screen.


Click the “Add a song” button to add a song to your iTunes library.


Click “Add an artist” button in the upper right corner.


You can also search for a song by artist name, album title, song title, or genre.


Click on the artist name and album title to add it to the music library.


Clicking on the genre will display the song description and artist profile.


Click to add another artist to your library.

If an artist has already been added to your music library, you can drag their profile into the drop-down list.

The “Add more artists” button will appear next to the artist’s name.


You will be prompted to sign into your Apple ID and password.

If prompted, enter the credentials for the artist and password in the field.

If the artist has not yet signed in, they will appear as an empty space in the fields.


You are now ready to begin the process of adding your new songs.

Click Add Artist to add an artist to a song.

This will launch the iTunes Music app on your iPhone and send you an artist listing.


Select the artist you wish to add and click “Add”.

This will add the artist to the song library on your ios device.


If a new artist is added, you will be shown a new song title and album name.

Click OK to save the changes.

The album will now be displayed on your device.


To remove an artist from the album, click on its name in the album list and select it from the list.


Select a song and click the “Delete” button.

This should remove the artist from your album.


To add more songs to the album by dragging them into the song listing, click Add more.


If it’s your first time logging in to Apple Music or Spotify, you may need to enter your password.

To do so, click the little green “login” button at the top right of the iis music app page and enter your Apple password.


The Apple Music website will now redirect you to the Apple Music app.

The Music app will appear on your iOS device.

If your iPhone is not already connected to your computer, it will be able to connect automatically.

If necessary, connect your iis device to your Mac or PC.

If this happens, your ii will need to be rebooted to connect to your device and access your music on the ii.

Click Connect to download your new music on your iTunes device.


To access your Spotify account, follow the instructions provided in this Apple Help article.

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