MusicScore software for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android

Software to help music score fans track the musical attributes of their favourite songs, along with more personalised content, is being released by and has been designed by music industry veteran Andy Wray.

“The goal of this product is to allow fans to quickly identify their favourite music on a music score, with the ability to share the music score with friends, family, or any other app that is connected to your music collection,” the company says.

“MusicScore will also provide the ability for you to create customised scores based on the music of your favourite artists, bands, genres, and more.”

With the new product, fans can use MusicScore to track the music attributes of songs they like and share the scores to their friends and loved ones, but the feature is not limited to music.

“With MusicScore you can even share music scores directly to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and others,” the app says.

“You can also create custom scores based off of a specific song or artist.”

Users can also use the software to create a personalized score that is tailored to their individual needs.

“You can create a personal score that’s tailored to you based on your tastes and preferences, such as your favourite genre, mood, mood of the song, or whether you’re into more experimental music,” the software says.

The new software is being developed by music scoring software maker MusicScore, which also works with the music industry to offer music score scoring solutions for music apps.

MusicScore says it has over 20 years of experience in the music scoring industry and that it is currently seeking customers to use its software to provide music score solutions for the music app market.

“We are also working with the major music app players and publishers to bring these software solutions to consumers and to make the music scores available for the major app stores,” the business says.

With a growing market, the MusicScore product is likely to appeal to many musicians.

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