How the Future of Music Will Be Made in Your Pocket

An interesting idea is brewing at Apple, but it’s coming from the back of a phone.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the company has quietly been working on a system for making music and podcasts available to users on their smart phones.

The project is being led by former Apple engineer Mike Kallman, who left the company to form Kallmann Software, a firm that builds open-source music transcription apps.

Kallmen said he hopes to begin work on this system in the coming months, but declined to elaborate further.

Apple has long been known for its open-sourced software, but this seems to be the first time the company is creating its own open- source software.

It’s not the first company to attempt to integrate its software with an iPhone, as Android phones have been integrating some of their apps with iOS devices for years.

Apple’s move to open source is a bit surprising, but the company may be seeing a new market for its apps, particularly on smartphones.

As we noted earlier this year, Apple has a long history of working with the music industry to produce music for the iPhone and iPad.

That’s because the company’s apps are used by millions of iPhone and iPod users worldwide.

As Kallmans new system would let users make and receive music on their phones, it could also open the door to a new era of streaming music.

That could also mean Apple could be giving users a way to pay for their music with a phone or an app.

That, in turn, could make Apple more attractive to music lovers who want to make music on a smartphone or tablet.

Apple and Kallmens software could work in conjunction with the upcoming release of a smartphone called the iQ, which has a camera that records audio from cameras embedded in its display.

Kannings software could be integrated into the iPhone so that users could access their own recordings of their own music.

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