The Israeli music industry: Is it alive or dead?

The music industry is in the midst of a crisis.

The current state of the industry has been highlighted in a number of articles and articles on The Electronic Intifada and is being discussed in the media.

The main reason for this crisis is the emergence of a new generation of Israeli-born artists, some of whom are now considered to be the most successful and influential in the country.

This generation of Israelis has a more international and commercial outlook than their predecessors, and it is an important factor for the industry’s future.

It also represents a major shift in the composition of Israeli music.

In the past, the Israeli music scene was dominated by the very same old guard of Israeli artists that have been in charge of the Israeli sound for many years.

This has caused the music industry to change drastically, and now it is becoming less representative of the country’s music culture.

However, as this new generation moves into their twenties and thirties, they are the ones with the most influence and are expected to have a larger influence on the industry.

They are also the ones who are the most interested in influencing the music of the next generation, which in turn will affect the music culture of the future.

The music business is changing at a rapid pace, and the industry is now looking at the new generation as the key players in the industry, in particular in the field of music production.

This change in the music scene is not new, and in fact it is a direct result of the fact that Israeli music has been a very popular form of music in the past.

In recent years, Israel’s music industry has developed and diversified, but the music itself is still primarily Israeli.

The sound of Israeli pop and hip-hop has been in decline over the past few decades.

This decline has been partly due to the economic downturn of the 1990s, but also due to technological developments and globalization, such as digital music and the rise of the internet.

As a result, Israeli pop music has become a lot less popular, even though the popularity of the popular Israeli songs is increasing.

In contrast, hip-hoppers and other electronic music is more popular in Europe, Asia and the US, and this trend has not gone unnoticed in Israel.

According to a recent survey, in Israel, hip hop and pop music is the most popular genre among young people.

This trend is also being reflected in the popularity in the public’s opinion.

According the Israeli pollster Shai Barak, 80 percent of Israeli youth believe that Israeli pop songs and hip hop songs are popular and that Israeli hip hop music is not as popular as in the West.

This is a trend that is reflected in many of the songs that are produced and distributed by the Israeli industry.

It is important to note that the current generation of young Israelis are not interested in the old style of Israeli popular music.

They have grown up in a different age of the music and have been exposed to electronic music, which is an extremely popular form in Israel today.

As for the younger generation, they have a new and more international outlook, which also means that they are interested in this new form of Israeli culture.

A recent survey found that 85 percent of those surveyed believe that the future of Israeli hip-Hop is in question.

There is a growing recognition of the importance of the young Israeli music producer and DJ to the music business, and they are now being paid for their work.

The Israeli DJ, whose name is Shai Zuhayya, is the biggest name in the world in the Israeli hiphop scene, as he is the main producer of some of the biggest hip hop artists in the Middle East.

In 2017, he received an international award for his contribution to hip-hops.

He is also one of the most respected DJs in the Arab world.

In a recent interview with the Israel National News, Zuhai said that he is working on a new project called “The Bigger One”, and that the project will include artists from other countries and genres, as well as from different genres.

In fact, Zukayya is also currently producing the music for an Israeli television show called “Shame”.

The popularity of Israeli songs and the influence of the hip-hops have influenced many of these artists.

These are also not just the artists that are being paid, but even the artists who are producing the songs.

One of the artists, who is also known as Shai-Sue, is a member of the group “Lights”, which is considered to have become one of Israel’s most successful electronic music acts.

The group is composed of a group of young people from Tel Aviv who are very talented, and have achieved quite a lot since they joined the group in 2016.

The producers of the label are also very influential, as they are making some of Israels most popular and influential hip- hop tracks.

The popularity and influence of these young Israeli producers is reflected on the tracks that are recorded and

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